Saturday, 30 June 2007

Tristan & Isolde

"Why does loving you feel so wrong?"
"Get in"
"Tristan,if we do this...."
"For all time,they'd say  it was our love that broke down a kingdom"

The Chinese Name of this film is <the heart of King> , but maybe it's not a film about a king, though it seems like <brave heart>. But I'm sure it's a film that you won't think it 's waste of time to see. It's really really good. Or really really really good.

It's said a story like Romeo and Juliet which happened in Medieval. But I think there are some difference between them. Tristan Isolde.....they both do something wrong, though it's about love. Considered that, if I were him,Tristan, what would I do? So I think the film tell a good story, and there are many scene in it I remember,and I was moved by them.

If Isode told Tristan her true name,If Tristan told Mark the love earlier, or they didn't see each other again? Some may better, some may worse,who knows? It's just a choice of life, and we don't know where the god will take me too. But film is film, with a sad end ,also with bright. If they didn't see each other again , i thought it's right, but it's not a film ,though it 's even sader.....

I know, I can not say much about the film in English, even in chinese, I can not say something too. But I will try, and I remember some words in this film..... And Isolde is really a pretty girl, and the love is really a pretty love. So isn't it enough for you to watch this film?

"Don't you think there's more to life?" "than what" "something more than duty and death"
"I want to know that you are alive somewhere and thinking of me time to time, I want to know there is more to this life,and I can't know that if they kill you"
"If things were different,if we live in a place without duty,would you be with me?"  "That place doesn't exist."

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