Saturday, 23 June 2007

Mark Shuttleworth

The creator of Ubuntu , the one of the world's richest person, the one come to the outer space for fun, or something else?

So it 's Mark , in Xie Xide Hall, Center for American Studies, Fudan University.

I try to write down something he said in today's  meeting.  Maybe it's  a  good  chance  for me to practice my English note taking.

When I and LJH came to there, Mark has started talking. He was asking which new company is the one we admired much in the past ten year, Of course google,in my opinion, And he said thing about free software, of course , he has to say things about these.
And he said that, the two biggest changes in his generation during the decade, the first is the world market, that the things can travel through around the world more frequency. And the second is the Internet, the information can be shared fast and even immediately. And he also said that ,there are two methods to make wealth, one is do things everyone is doing ,but harder,and more efficiency, the other is to create , to keep on moving.

Then is the question time, well I think some question is really bad. And some I  have forgotten. There are questions about free software and free content,  and free PC game, and free software is just a trick of big company............

I  have nothing to say, it's just so so.


you see, if I have money, and I have nothing to do, maybe I  would take free software as fun.............

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