Sunday, 17 June 2007



Since today is Father's Day, so i would like to write a article with the title "you can learn more from a wise parent than a good teacher"

In fact, I don't agree with this statement. You can learn many think from your parent, and you can also also learn many things from your teacher, the skill you can from your parent is not the same as that from your teacher. While your parent offer the basic skill to be a good man,such as a good manner, doing housework,etc, your teacher may teacher you math, physics,and how to use the things your learned.

A wise parent may sometimes be called as the first teacher of a child. He take care of a little baby, make him or her grow bigger and bigger, and teach the child to take care of himself, teach the child to learn to stay with each other,and make friends with each other. Also the child learn the social manner first from his/her parent.

A good teacher, also teach you many things. He will teach you not only his own experience, but may introduce a new world to you, help you to improve youself, make you know how to study. In fact, a good teacher just like a desk,  he hope that  you can stand on the him, and see farther. So a good teacher can bring more than what he know to young people.

So, a wise parent and a good teacher are all very important to young people. They can learn many from both wise parent and good teacher, it's hard to say which one is more important, they are all really important people.

and happy Father's Day

父亲节到了,Happy Father's Day



大家都去 燕曦 rabbit 版灌水吧:)

看完了《凉宫春日的忧郁》 想写些东西,发现好多东西我都想写,《灌篮高手》《棋魂》《EVA》《south park
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今天晚上 皇马 加油!!!!