Tuesday, 5 June 2007

tomorrow is another day

the ibt will come one month later,but i still can not even say a complete lecture is one minute. the reading is enough, maybe i can get 25 point around the 30 point, it sounds so good to me . But if you consider the other part of test,you won't say it's an easy test for me. In listening part, i hope i can get 20 point, even the video is clear and so simple,because i just can not get the right answer. So what about writing? Give me a topic, i think i can do a good job, it's just for little guy,But i cann't handle that part which need to read an article,and then listen a lecture, then write down what they say....

in fact  i don't even know all the word in that article,so maybe 15 point is what i deserve? the oral test, ok let me forget it, can you tell me which country do you want to leave.....er ....er ....er ....ok ,forget it, next question, can you tell me ,who is the person mostly influents you in your family? ...........er ...........i think is my father, because ....er he is my first teacher of my life, and he is really a good man, he always teach me many things.....ok, shut up,it's enough,so ...is it ok?

ok,then my point should be ....em em em...70? 80?  oh NO!!!!!!!!!!!


forget the wrong words and pharses in my article ,forget it!!!!!  

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