Friday, 22 June 2007

for ibt writing

A large cut-price retail store may cause some good change and also bad change to our life.We stay beside these store,it's convienent for us to buy things,but it also cause some problems. It will make our community noisy, cause many people to go to there buy or sell things,and make our community dirty and unsafe. The store will surely break our community's quiet life, so I disagree to open such a large cut-price retail store in our community.

First,the store will make noise. There will be many people buying or selling things,they talk with each other,and also make other kind of voice. From the store open at moring, all day long, we have to live in community bearing the noise come from the store, it's really terrible.

Second, the store may produce many rubish.Though there are people take care of the enviroment of our community, but it is sure that the condition of community will decline. I think a good enviroment is really important. We need to stay in a clean home.

And the last reason, the store will bring many people to our community,many of them go to here buy or sell thing,but when  the people become more and more, this also cause our community unsafe.We have to need more people to protect our community,and the store. It' s really not a good thing.

So in my point, I don't think it's a good idea to open a large cut-price retail store in our neighborhood.


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