Sunday, 15 July 2007

American History X

Before I watch this film, I was knowed that  it's a film full of violent. But thank god, there are really no such things about sex in it. Even when I was waiting for a rape. But anyway , it is really really a good damn fucking good film, if i were Derek, I will say this as conclusion.

Well, it is a film about racial dicriminant. A white man and his little brother, the hate between the nigger and the white pig, or asshole. All the people in the film seem so easy to enger, well maybe it is true in America, or even the whole world. So what you should do is don't piss off .

Okay, use the word in Denny 's report as the end of what i get from the film, maybe it makes nosense or just bullshit, but forget it, and forgive it. 

"We are not enemy ,but friend,You must not be an enemy."


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