Sunday, 5 August 2007

爱?——Before Sunrise

看了《before sunrise》,看了《before sunset》的一段

发现 导演理查德·林克莱特真是个讲故事的高手,两个人就这么着对话,就这么着爱情,就是一部这么perfect的电影。相比之下,老徐的《梦想照进现实》还是淡薄了一些。。。。


        Daydream, delusion, limousine, eyelash
  Oh baby with your pretty face
  Drop a tear in my wineglass
  Look at those big eyes
  See what you mean to me
  Sweet-cakes and milkshakes
  I'm delusion angel
  I'm fantasy parade
  I want you to know what I think
  Don't want you to guess anymore
  You have no idea where I came from
  We have no idea where we're going
  Latched in life
  Like branches in a river
  Flowing downstream
  Caught in the current
  I'll carry you
  You'll carry me
  That's how it could be
  Don't you know me?
  Don't you know me by now?


适合拿着一杯coffee,躺在沙发上,慵懒的看着英文字幕,为其中的台词击节叫好,最好,身边还是一位 他/她


不知道before sunset会怎么样,9年之后,还是两个人在聊,也许会有惊喜吧,不过我却没有看下去的欲望了。



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