Monday, 24 April 2006


从某个MM的space 得到,便也随意的测试一下,于是得到了如下评语。


就记得我的生日,还有记得在我生日时给我gifts 就好了


***Your Birthdate: August 27***

You are a spiritual soul - a person who tries to find meaning in everything.
You spend a good amount of time meditating, trying to figure out life.
Helping others is also important to you. You enjoy social activities with that goal.
You are very generous and giving. Yet you expect very little in return.

Your strength: Getting along with anyone and everyone 

Your weakness: Needing a good amount of downtime to recharge

Your power color: Cobalt blue

Your power symbol: Dove

Your power month: September

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  1. SECRET: 0
    PASS: 74be16979710d4c4e7c6647856088456
    You are more than a big ball of energy - you are a big ball of hyper.
    You are always on the go, but you don't have a type a personality.
    Instead of channeling your energy into work, you instead go for fun and adventure.
    Witty and verbal, you can have an interesting conversation with anyone.
    Your strength: Your larger than life imagination
    Your weakness: You tend to be pretty scattered
    Your power color: Lime
    Your power symbol: Lightening bolt
    Your power month: March