Tuesday, 25 May 2010



1. You are from now on expected to become a Producer of knowledge, rather than a mere Consumer of knowledge.

2. You must from now on give up Knowing everything. Save that time for Thinking and for the Substantiation of you thinking.

3. Learning is no longer for the sake of perfecting yourself alone, but also for the sake of sharing your learning with others for their enlightenment and perfection.

4. You are not justified by the number of books you've read through and familiarized with, but only by the ability to digest Their sparkles and to inspire Your Own thinking.

5. You should no longer pride yourself with dexterity in quoting others, but only with the ability to achieve clarity in your own work and make that an Original piece of contribution to human knowledge.

6. Read Systematically, anything else does not count as part of your work, but only as recreation.

7. The No. 1 virtue in the practice of science is to work, learn how to work, and work.

8. If you must waste your time, learn how to waste it constructively, so that you won't feel guilty because of it.

9. Learn from your peers, in many situations they can be far more helpful and inspiring than your advisors and than those canonized saints, dead or alive.

10. The Spirit of Science alone is your God. Idolatry of any sort must be denounced as the deadliest sacrilege and the most dangerous enemy.

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  1. good opinion. it really takes me some time to transform from knowledge consumers to producers. hope you can go on this. i am going to zz your article.