Friday, 2 April 2010


NUS GSS graudate student survival guide 上转载的一段话:


You are miserable, I know.

Grad school is a job, but unlike most jobs, you won't see incremental improvement, only consitent failures. You're not rewarded with pay raises, only the momentary high of the eureka moments.

You are stuck, I know.

Maybe you're stuck with a research problem, maybe you're stuck with a supervisor with personality problems. Unlike most of the jobs, you cannot change your employer, you cannot change your colleagues and you cannot change your work environment.

But, you can quit anytime.

However, if you stay, know that you're one of the few who consciously chooses to go down a tough and bumpy road. Some call it insanity, some call it faith, I call it the entreprenuer spirit. Now, all you need to do is to turn that spirit into concret.

Take charge.

Change your environment a little, change your pace a little. You need to figure out what makes you tick and find that state of mind you had when you started.




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